Syahadah Rukyatulhilal Using Astro Digital Imaging: From Subjectivity to Objectivity

Junaidi, Ahmad (2022) Syahadah Rukyatulhilal Using Astro Digital Imaging: From Subjectivity to Objectivity. De Jure: Jurnal Hukum dan Syar'iah, 14 (1). pp. 58-74. ISSN ISSN (Print): 2085-1618, ISSN (Online): 2528-1658

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The process of determining the beginning of the lunar month based on syahadah rukyatulhilal often contains an element of subjectivity to witnesses which can only be confirmed by oath before a judge. Technological developments are expected to increase the objectivity of the process of syahadah rukyatulhilal by attaching the hilal image generated from Astro digital imaging. This study explains the importance of a new rukyatulhilal model based on digital data as witness reinforcement in the process of syahadah rukyatulhilal. By using a scientific and a fiqhiyah approach, research shows that developing a digital data-based rukyatulhilal model is significant in avoiding the subjectivity of the process and its results. This is following the spirit exemplified by the Prophet and the fuqaha' in accepting rukyatulhilal testimony by avoiding things that raise doubts. Using image evidence from astro digital imaging to corroborate rukyatulhilal's testimony does not violate fiqh, even the status of image as evidence is the same as witness status.

Item Type: Journal Article
Keyword: astro digital imaging; image processing; syahadah rukyatulhilal
Subjects: 02 PHYSICAL SCIENCES > 0201 Astronomical and Space Sciences > 020111 Islamic Astronomy (Falak) > 02011199 Islamic Astronomy (Falak) not elsewhere classified
Divisions: Fakultas Syariah > Jurusan al-Ahwal al-Syakhshiyyah
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Date Deposited: 29 Dec 2022 03:46
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