Kontribusi Imam Al-Nawawi Dalam Pengembangan Madhhab Shafi‘i

Aminuddin, Luthfi Hadi (2014) Kontribusi Imam Al-Nawawi Dalam Pengembangan Madhhab Shafi‘i. Justicia Islamica, 11 (2). pp. 27-48. ISSN 1693-5926

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In the history of Sha> fi'i>’s madhhab, the figure of Imam al-Nawa > wi > has a very significant role. The results of his ijtiha>d is always used as a Sha>fi`iyah scholar reference, even when the scholars differed in opinions, then his idea regarded as "the end" of that difference dispute. This paper, intended to explore why the figure of al-Nawa > wi > have such a privileged position in the madhhab Sha>fi'i>. Through the historical approach, the author have found the answer to that. First, al-Nawa > wi > is seen as a unifier Sha>fi'i>’s madhhab. In his hands, two school of Sha>fi’i> madhhab,Khurasan and Iraq can be reconciled. Second, Al-Nawa > wi > have managed to put the principles tarji>h } , to select the strongest opinion from a variety of opinion among al-Sha> fi'i>’s madhhab. Therefore, al-Nawa > wi > is known as the al-mujtahid al-murajjih } or mujtahid al-tarji>h, the mujtahid who are not just memorize the ijtiha>d of Imam al-Sha > fi’i > , but know the sources of Imam al-Shafi’i’s opinion, able to describe and explain his opinion, make an analogy (qiya >s)related to his opinion in problem solving, even select a strong opinion among opinions that exist.

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